Exceptional comfort and a unique feel!

Your guests will love the soft, voluptuous feel of Bergan’s bath linen, inviting them to embrace pure relaxation and well-being after their bath or using the hotel Spa. We have developed our bath linen using high quality fibres and materials, along with weaving and customization techniques that meet the quality and maintenance requirements for professional use.

Bergan bath linen is fine-tuned in line with several quality and manufacturing criteria: grammage, sizing, fibres and weave (combed cotton, carded cotton, microcotton, velvet, jacquard weave) and finishes. We can therefore guarantee you super-comfortable and highly resistant terry linen for your Upmarket, Luxury or Palace hotel.

The comfort, design and strength of our hand towels make Bergan linen an essential ally in giving your hotel guests a warm welcome.

Choose your white or coloured washcloths, guest towels or hand towels from our hospitality collection. Or opt for bespoke towels made specifically for you (with your choice of grammage, colour, woven pattern or logo).

For an upscale hotel, choose comfortable, long-lasting combed cotton towels, or microcotton if you’d like more volume and an extra-soft, plush texture.

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Discover our hotel shower towels from the Bergan bath linen range and treat your guests to a softer feel for greater comfort.

All Bergan shower towels are 100% cotton. Choose your desired grammage, weave and finish from our range of models, in white or in colour.

Would you prefer to design your own terry linen? We can manufacture special items (with your choice of grammage, colour, woven motif or logo) allowing you to fully customise your shower towels, along with the entire hotel bath linen range.

We are happy to adapt to any request, offering exclusive bespoke products to suit your requirements.

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Enchant your guests by choosing bath linens that are elegant, comfortable and unique. Set yourself apart with this range designed for the upscale and luxury hospitality sector.

The variety of our hotel bath sheet range allows you to make your guests feel especially welcome, wrapped in comfort after their shower or bath.

With Bergan, you can order your own special production run of bespoke bath sheets, made specifically for you after determining together your choice of grammage, colour, woven pattern or logo and finishes.

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Bathmats are not a luxury but, rather, an essential complement to your high-end hospitality. Create an elegant, attractive atmosphere in your bathrooms with our comfortable bathmats suitable for hotel bathrooms of all sizes.

Upscale and luxury establishments tend to go for large bathmats with high grammage (from 800-900 g/m²).

Some 1200 g/m² products are veritable carpets… for the bathroom!

All our bathmats are made from twisted yarn, making them longer-lasting and more wash-resistant.

Give your guests a bespoke welcome with your choice of interwoven logo and/or text. Or have your mats custom-made with your woven logo, choosing especially high grammage, a different weave, specific sizing…

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With their soft materials, elegance and perfect absorption, our bathrobes are designed with upscale and luxury hotels in mind. Hotel bathrobes have become an essential part of creating that special welcoming touch, accompanying the rise in Spa and Sauna activities.

Whether you’re looking to up the comfort in your hotel bathrooms or for something suited to your Spa and relaxation activities, BERGAN has the right product for you.

Customise your bathrobes with an embroidered hotel logo, or by requesting your own 100% bespoke production run (with your choice of grammage, weaving, colour, the addition of piping on the collar and sleeves, embroidered…

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Our range of high-end hotel slippers allows you to create that special touch to win over your guests. With their cotton velvet and comfortable non-slip soles, all our slippers bring a little extra comfort, elegance and refinement to your rooms or bathrooms.

Our closed or open velvet slippers can be embroidered with your image (logo, text or picture of your choice) for a bespoke touch to reinforce your hotel’s standing.

Luxury hotels or Palaces can choose our luxury production option, having their slippers 100% custom-made with their choice of velvet type, colour, embroidery, piping, sole thickness and even inner material!

At Bergan, we…

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