Discover our hotel shower towels from the Bergan bath linen range and treat your guests to a softer feel for greater comfort.

All Bergan shower towels are 100% cotton. Choose your desired grammage, weave and finish from our range of models, in white or in colour.

Would you prefer to design your own terry linen? We can manufacture special items (with your choice of grammage, colour, woven motif or logo) allowing you to fully customise your shower towels, along with the entire hotel bath linen range.

We are happy to adapt to any request, offering exclusive bespoke products to suit your requirements.

Bergan hotel shower towels measure 70 x 140 cm (before washing) – ideal for mid-range and high-end hotels that are sometimes limited by the size of their bathrooms.

Shower towels in this size are available across our entire range, and you can contact us for any special sizing requests!

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Our coloured shower towels are perfect for hotels newly renovated in line with the latest bright and pastel colour trends, whether in town, by the sea or pool. Choose from a dozen models in 20 different colours, various grammages (from 400g/m² to 700g/m²), single yarn or twisted yarn loop and…

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The linen developed and manufactured by Bergan for nearly 30 years, is a quality linen intended exclusively for high-end hotels and restaurants, and luxury hotels.

Which terry cloth should I choose for my hotel shower?

The choice of the shower sheets in the hotel depends on its level of range. Namely, the more you go up in range, the more the grammage, the finishes and the quality of the touch will be taken care of.
The mode of maintenance also intervenes in the choice of the terry cloth. Indeed, in internal or external laundry, your linen will not have the same quality of washing and drying.
On the Bergan website, you will find a wide range of terry cloths, including shower sheets for hotels from 2 to 5 stars.

Is it possible to customize my shower sheets?

Shower towels can be customized with embroidery, weaving, or logos. Many hotels choose to personalize their bath linens and Bergan offers you the opportunity to do so with special fabrications of your bath linens, or more simply with the addition of embroidery.

What is the difference between a shower sheet and a bath sheet?

The difference between a shower sheet and a bath sheet is its size. Indeed, a shower sheet measures 70 x 140 cm, while a bath sheet measures 100 x 150 cm.
In hotels, the shower sheet will be more frequently used in smaller bathrooms. On the other hand, the bath sheet will be used in high-end hotels to offer more comfort and luxury, and which usually have larger bathrooms.
Bergan offers 70 x 140 cm shower sheets and 100 x 150 cm bath sheets in white or color, but you can also design your own terry cloth.

What weight of terry cloth to choose for a luxury hotel?

The more prestigious the hotel, the better the quality of the bath towels. You will have understood: the choice of bath linen (towel, shower or bath sheet) depends on the level of the hotel. And the higher the level, the higher the weight, the higher the quality of the weave, the touch of the sponge and the finishes must be for a better visual comfort and use.
Bergan's shower sheets are available in weights of between 400g/m² and 600g/m².