Duvet covers can make a big contribution to promoting a welcoming atmosphere in your rooms. Choose from our beautiful fabrics: Jacquard weave or striped cotton sateen, 100% combed cotton Percale, Linen or linen blends, for duvet covers that will contribute to your guests’ unforgettable hotel experience.

Bergan can produce duvet covers in all shapes, whether you prefer the bottle, envelope or open-bag finish. We take a lot of care over manufacturing duvet covers to perfectly fit your hotel bedding and duvets.

Ensure your cover falls perfectly over your bed, with a uniform overlap on all sides, and take advantage of our bespoke services to customise your linen by adding a satin stitch, flanges or your own embroidered image.

Bergan manufactures high-quality cotton duvet covers perfectly sized to fit your duvets.

Duvet covers make a big contribution to your rooms’ comfort levels, promoting a refined atmosphere. Pure Egyptian cotton sateen Percale, very fine Sateen… we use the finest cotton materials, guaranteeing duvet covers that match your standing.

Duvet covers always shrink…

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With their natural materials and the “vintage” feel of crumpled fabric, linen and linen-blend duvet covers evoke a homely, “back to basics” atmosphere, currently much appreciated by customers and travellers.

Whether you opt for 100% pure linen or 50% linen/50% cotton, these ecological materials will provide a soft, fresh feel in…

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Polycotton duvet covers are a preferable option if you wish to opt for a crease-resistant fabric that’s easier to care for.

We can meet any sizing or special finish requirements, with our flexibility allowing you to obtain the polycotton cover of your choice to perfectly suit your duvets.

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