Sublimate the decor of your rooms! At the hotel, decorative cushions bring the final touch to the decoration of your rooms. Matching materials, colors, patterns… play with the possibilities offered to create cushions that perfectly match the style and design of your hotel.

Bergan makes all types of cushion covers from a wide choice of materials and decorative textiles (more than 300 references), matching your curtains, bed runners or bed covers.

We make your cushion covers in plain velvet, satin velvet, jacquard velvet, Polylin, Polycotton, Suede, linen, thick cotton… All our cushions can be decorated with piping, buttons.

Choose the material for your decorative cushions – plain woven, braided or heather-effect fabrics. For vintage decor, opt for a plain, two-tone or even crumpled linen look.

Plain imitation leather is also a good alternative for greater strength and stain resistance, making it easier to care for!

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Play on colours and patterns by choosing several very different cushions to brighten up your hotel rooms!

Bergan has selected plain and patterned velvet (small checks, mosaic), moire velvet (matt or shiny) and unpatterned glossy velvet in a wide choice of shades for colourful deco cushions!

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Add a touch of decor to your rooms!

Choose decorative faux leather pillows and match them with your headboards for a more inviting look.

Vary the colors with a wide choice of light, warm and colorful tones.

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Which material for my decorative cushions?

The decorative cushions add visual comfort with the material and a touch of color to the decoration. The choice of materials varies according to the style of the hotel, chic, contemporary, retro, design or eco-friendly. Natural materials such as linen, wool or cotton velvet offer a wide choice of material effects and colors to create your cushions.

To make a success of your decoration with decorative cushions, remember to match them with headboards or curtains. At Bergan, we can help you choose the right references, sizes and colors.

What color should you choose for your luxury hotel decoration?

In the high-end and luxury hotel industry, paying particular attention to the details of decoration, especially for the upholstery, is as important as the choice of linen and furniture. Textiles highlight the bedding set, staying in coherent, chic and modern tones without forgetting the cushions allowing you to finish the decoration of the night space.

You can decide to keep the style of your interior and places by respecting the color codes or existing materials. The important thing is to create a harmony of the places and to be the most faithful to the decorative charter of the hotel.