Quilts are making a comeback in hotels!

Quilts are more generously dimensioned than bed runners and will bring added comfort and warmth to your rooms with soft materials such as velvet or microvelvets.

Bergan can create bespoke quilts from a wide range of decorative textiles and materials (over 300 references), to match your curtains, bed runners or bed skirts.

Quilts are manufactured in plain velvet, microvelvet, woven linen or polylinen, velvet jacquard weave, faux suede, taffeta, etc.

Our plain woven quilts are made from the same materials as our plain woven bed skirts and bed runners.

Quilts are wider than bed runners (150cm instead of 70cm in width), covering half the duvet.

Quilts are wider than bed runners so can be used to cover more of the bed, better protecting the duvet from baggage soiling.

Opt for comfortable, high-end decor with our velvet quilts.

Select your velvet designs and looks from a wide range of options: plain velvet, moire velvet, glossy velvet, small checked…

These linen-look quilts made from pure, mixed or plain woven linen will give your room decor a trendy natural or “vintage” feel.

Coordinate your quilts with your room walls, or any other decorative textile feature.

We manufacture quilts to suit your requirements: reversible or not, quilted or not, with coloured borders… etc.…

Taffeta quilts will add that finishing touch to your meticulously decorated superior and deluxe rooms or suites.

Play on the effects of different materials, with shimmering light reflections on glossy or moire taffeta for a signature decor effect with minute attention to detail.