Enchant your guests by choosing bath linens that are elegant, comfortable and unique. Set yourself apart with this range designed for the upscale and luxury hospitality sector.

The variety of our hotel bath sheet range allows you to make your guests feel especially welcome, wrapped in comfort after their shower or bath.

With Bergan, you can order your own special production run of bespoke bath sheets, made specifically for you after determining together your choice of grammage, colour, woven pattern or logo and finishes.

Choose your bath sheets according to your desired standards and comfort, comparing different grammages (from 450g/m² to 800g/m²), weaves (single yarn, twisted yarn, pearl (rice grain), microcotton, velvet), finishes (large border, woven border, etc.). Come and see us or ask us for advice!

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Our coloured bath sheets are an ideal match for your coloured linen range. For an atmosphere in perfect harmony with your hotel décor and graphic scheme, there’s nothing better than bespoke bath sheets created through your own special production run.

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The choice of hotel bath linens depends on the level of your hotel, the comfort and the services you wish to offer to your guests. Bergan's range of bath linens is wide enough to meet these different types of needs.

Our entire line of bath linens includes face cloths, bath towels, bath sheets, spa sheets, massage sheets, pool towels and bath mats.

Which bath sheets to choose for a hotel?

For the best comfort and durability of your hotel bath towels, it is best to choose professional quality cotton towels. Sponges with double thread loop (also called twisted thread loop) are more resistant than single thread loop (often used in 400g/m² or 500g/m²). For the top of the range, 600g/m² cotton, 700g/m² looped cotton or microcotton towels offer good volume, softness, absorption and longevity.

How to customize bath sheets for the hotel industry?

It’s possible to customize your bath sheet thank’s to embroidery or at the time of weaving. Until the 2000s all hotels had woven linens with their logo and this, whatever the level of range. But, at Bergan, you can still do it : all of our hotels bath sheet are customizable with embroidery or woven logo, so you can reinforce your image

how to maintain the bath linen ?

Before the first use it is advised to wash the bath linen, cold without products or detergents (it is the operation of decatizing). As you wash, your sponges will become soft and absorbent. For optimal hygiene at the hotel, choose linens that are cleaned at high temperatures. For example, Bergan's white bath towels are washable at 60° or even 90°, with tumble drying.

Which bath sheet to propose for the luxury hotel industry?

The bath linens in the luxury hotel industry answers to rigorous and precise selection criteria. The nature of the fibres, the quality of weaving, embellishment and finishing. All these elements influence the impeccable quality of the sponge and make it a luxury bath linen.

Then, according to the destination : bathroom, spa or swiming pool, the choice of linen can be differentiated. Some towel and white bath sheet in haevy weight sponges, twisted loop and soft touch treatment. For the spa and swimming pool, lower grammages for quick drying in different sizes and colours.

Where to find hotel spa towels?

Bath sheet are made ideally for bring comfort and heat after bath, spa or pool session.

For the hotel spa or pool, select large bath sheet to fit the sizes of massage tables and recliners.

To finalize the decoration of our wellness areas, opt for colored bath sheet. You can choose among spa and swimming pool color bath sheet declined in the palette of trends colours.