Bathmats are not a luxury but, rather, an essential complement to your high-end hospitality. Create an elegant, attractive atmosphere in your bathrooms with our comfortable bathmats suitable for hotel bathrooms of all sizes.

Upscale and luxury establishments tend to go for large bathmats with high grammage (from 800-900 g/m²).

Some 1200 g/m² products are veritable carpets… for the bathroom!

All our bathmats are made from twisted yarn, making them longer-lasting and more wash-resistant.

Give your guests a bespoke welcome with your choice of interwoven logo and/or text. Or have your mats custom-made with your woven logo, choosing especially high grammage, a different weave, specific sizing or even an ad hoc colour (to the nearest pantone code)!


100% Cotton - 50 x 80 - 600g/m²

100% Cotton bathmat - 50 x 80 - 900g/m²

100% Cotton bathmat - 60 x 60 - 1000g/m²

Create a bathmat with your hotel's image.  

100 % Cotton - 50 x 70 cm - 650g/m²

100% Combed Cotton - 50 x 75 - 750g/m²

Choosing the right bathmat

How to choose a bathmat?

Beyond the comfort and aspect, the bathmat must be heavy to adhere to the floor and avoid to slip. He must be enought absorbent to avoid all humidity on the floor and so, allows to favour the security at the exit of the bath or shower. As for the material, cotton is a natural fibre with a great absorbing power, it’s a material frenquently use in the bath linen. To bring a decorative and personalized touch to your bathrooms, the bathmat can be embroidered or have your logo.

Which bathmat for my luxury hotel?

The bathmat is an unmissable element of the bathroom. It will be all the larger and thicker because it will be intended for the luxury hotel industry.
For high-end hotel industry and luxe, choose large bathmats (60 x 100cm, 80 x 100cm) with a high grammage (from 800-900 g/m²). Some bathmats in 1200g/m² are real bathmats.

What colour for my bathmats?

Generally, hotels bathmats are white, but you can be choose for match your decoration with color bathmats, you are free to create the atmosphere you like.
Bergan propose several references of bathmats, in white, but also in colors with our reference Ocean, available in sand, grey pearl and anthracite grey.

What size should I choose for hotel bathmats?

Bathmats do 60 x 70 or 60 x 80cm in general. But to suit of hotel bathroom, you can choose from small (60x60cm) to large (100-120cm) bathmats.