The comfort, design and durability of a professional bath towel makes Bergan linen the essential complement for a successful hotel reception.

Choose your face cloth, guest towel or bath towel in white or colour from our hotel collection. Or opt for towels made to measure specifically for you. Our towels are available in different sizes (small and large) and different weights.

For a high quality hotel, choose towels made of combed cotton. Alternatively, choose microcotton for more volume, softness and fluffiness.

Furthermore, for hotel quality, a professional bath towel can be personalised. You can also personalise your other bath towels: face cloths, shower towels, bath sheets, bath mats and bathrobes.

Washcloths (or flannels) are very popular among upscale hospitality establishments to complement hotel bath linen or offer restaurant diners.

Our 100% cotton terry washcloths are made from looped twisted yarn or single yarn with varied grammage: from 400g/m² to 600g/m² (we can go up to 800g/m² for luxury establishments).

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White hand towels, a hotel essential, provide a soft touch of comfort for the bathroom, contributing to making guests feel welcome.

We use high-quality combed cotton for the majority of our towels, with “Soft touch” treatments or microcotton weaves for a plusher, softer feel.

Many of our looped terry products are woven…

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Put some colour in your bathrooms! Our hand towels are available in twenty different shades to perfectly match your hotel, pool or spa décor.

Our coloured bath linen collection, especially designed for the hospitality sector, is made up of terry products incorporating high temperature and chlorine-resistant dyes, or based on reactive…

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Depending on the destination, for rooms or public areas, you can choose towels according to size, weight and color.

How to choose hotel hand towels?

The choice of towels depends on the level of the hotel. Indeed, the higher the range, the more the weight and finishes are taken care of, as well as the quality and the touch of the sponge.
When choosing towels, it also depends on whether the hotel uses an in-house laundry or an outside laundry.
For high-end and luxury hotels, the best way is to have your own linen made to meet your own maintenance requirements.

What material to choose for hotel towels?

Hotel bath linens are 100% cotton in most cases. For a high-end hotel, choose combed cotton towels in 500g/m² minimum. But you can also choose microcotton towels for more volume, softness and fluffiness. For example, the Florids and Hawaii references from our Bergan range of white bath towels.

What are the sizes of the hand towels?

A bath towel is the small size towel. It starts with the guest towel (30 x 60 cm), then the 50 x 100 cm or 50 x 90 cm bath towels.
Made in different weights, they are suitable for hotel use: bathroom, pool or spa.
For the rooms, prefer white towels in 50 x 100 cm with weights more or less high according to the level of range sought.
For public areas, smaller guest towels (30 x 50 cm) are the ideal alternative to hotel face cloths.

Is it possible to customize my towels?

All hand towels can be personalized with embroidery. But they can also be with the weaving of a pattern or a logo. In the hotel industry, many establishments customize their bath linens. At Bergan, all of our hand towels can be personalized with embroidery and logos or designs at the time of weaving.
Consult us and we will guide you through the process of making your special production.

What colors to choose for towels in a hotel?

Most often, hotel hand towels are white.
To complete the decoration of the bathrooms, you can opt for colored towels. Bergan offers towels in 3 colors: sand, pearl gray and charcoal gray with its Quartz and Topaz references.