Washcloths (or flannels) are very popular among upscale hospitality establishments to complement hotel bath linen or offer restaurant diners.

Our 100% cotton terry washcloths are made from looped twisted yarn or single yarn with varied grammage: from 400g/m² to 600g/m² (we can go up to 800g/m² for luxury establishments).

We also supply hotels accustomed to washcloths.

Choose from different options for basic or sophisticated face towels (or washcloths) to match your 600 gr/m² bath linen for example.

Our resistant terry washcloths are made especially for the hospitality sector.


Face towel coloured 100% Cotton - 4 colours

Face towel 100% Cotton - 400g/m² - White


100% Cotton face towel - 500g/m² - White

Océan 100% Cotton face towel - 600g/m² - White