Sleep better at the hotel than anywhere else!

Choosing bed linen is a very personal, or indeed even intimate, affair: that sense of well-being, the way it feels to the touch, the delicacy of the materials used, etc.

Designing and developing a refined linen range always starts with selecting the most beautiful fabrics with an exceptional feel (cotton percale, cotton sateen, linen, mixed fabrics, etc.). The products are then produced and finished in our workshops, allowing us to offer perfect customisation.

Bergan bed linen has been manufactured in France for 30 years and is reputed for its high quality, combined with resistance and elegance for a real feeling of well-being. Essential qualities for the upscale and luxury hospitality sector to ensure your guests receive the best possible welcome.

The products of the hotel bed linen range are : fifted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover, pillow cases and bolster cases. Our hotel bed linen is available in a large variety of material, sizes and colors. Bergan’s bed linen is avalaible for professionnals of the hospitality sector. We will be pleased to give you some advices in order to help you choosing your future set of bed linen.

Bespoke fitted sheet by Bergan adapt to the size of hotel mattresses. Truth is, hotel mattresses gain in thickness and mattress topper add some height. Hence, standard fitted sheet  is most of the time inadapted for hotels.

As we are able to manufacture your bespoke products in our workshops, your sheets will be sized as you wish.

Cotton, linen or cotton-linen mix, choose between several materials used in the hospitality sector, the one that will fullfil your needs in terms of confort and maintenance constraints.

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Bergan offers the possibility of giving your flat sheets a beautiful, bespoke finish and ensuring that they are perfectly suited to your hotel bedding.

Our hotel flat sheets are made from the finest materials, including Cotton Percale, Cotton Sateen (300TC up to 1000TC), Jacquard weave or Striped Sateen and Linen blends.

All our hotel bed linen is bespoke-made in our workshops in the North of France. Your choice of sizing, hems and the addition of a satin stich or embroidery will reinforce your image and give your guests a personalised welcome.

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Duvet covers can make a big contribution to promoting a welcoming atmosphere in your rooms. Choose from our beautiful fabrics: Jacquard weave or striped cotton sateen, 100% combed cotton Percale, Linen or linen blends, for duvet covers that will contribute to your guests’ unforgettable hotel experience.

Bergan can produce duvet covers in all shapes, whether you prefer the bottle, envelope or open-bag finish. We take a lot of care over manufacturing duvet covers to perfectly fit your hotel bedding and duvets.

Ensure your cover falls perfectly over your bed, with a uniform overlap on all sides, and take advantage of our bespoke…

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First of all, our pillowcases and bolster cases for hotels are manufactured from all the materials used in the Bergan range.

Moreover, the finish of the pillowcases is always flawless. Indeed, they are made from the most refined materials, with or without flounces or embroidery.

Give your guest a personalised welcome and create an upscale atmosphere with subtile and elegant finishes : ruffles, coloured piping or satin stitches, embroidery. We custom-make our products in France and an therefore adapt to any pillow size with our genuine reversible ruffled pilowcases.

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