Duvet covers can make a big contribution to promoting a welcoming atmosphere in your rooms. Choose from our beautiful fabrics: Jacquard weave or striped cotton sateen, 100% combed cotton Percale, Linen or linen blends, for duvet covers that will contribute to your guests’ unforgettable hotel experience.

Bergan can produce duvet covers in all shapes, whether you prefer the bottle, envelope or open-bag finish. We take a lot of care over manufacturing duvet covers to perfectly fit your hotel bedding and duvets.

Ensure your cover falls perfectly over your bed, with a uniform overlap on all sides, and take advantage of our bespoke services to customise your linen by adding a satin stitch, flanges or your own embroidered image.

Bergan manufactures high-quality cotton duvet covers perfectly sized to fit your duvets.

Duvet covers make a big contribution to your rooms’ comfort levels, promoting a refined atmosphere. Pure Egyptian cotton sateen Percale, very fine Sateen… we use the finest cotton materials, guaranteeing duvet covers that match your standing.

Duvet covers always shrink…

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With their natural materials and the “vintage” feel of crumpled fabric, linen and linen-blend duvet covers evoke a homely, “back to basics” atmosphere, currently much appreciated by customers and travellers.

Linen is a fabric with subtle, rich and deep colours. In addition, linen has a pleasant soft touch. The linen duvet…

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The Polycotton duvet cover is ideal for hotels. If you are looking for less creasing, polycotton fabric is preferable. Indeed, this polycotton bed linen offers great resistance and ease of care to hoteliers.

Our duvet covers are suitable for all bed sizes. They are available in : 140×200; 160×220; 200×200; 240×200…

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How to choose your comforter covers for the hotel?

What is a high quality duvet cover?

A top-of-the-range duvet cover contributes fully to the atmosphere and quality of the welcome in a luxury hotel suite or room. Materials such as 400TC, 500TC or even 500TC cotton sateen offer elegant, soft materials and meet the requirements of the high-end hotel industry.

Comforter cover or flat sheet in hotels?

In the hotel industry, duvets have become essential, especially in the top-of-the-range and luxury sectors. In most cases, the choice of linen will be for a duvet cover, the size of which will be adapted to the dimensions of the duvets. At Bergan, all our duvet covers are made to measure and to fit the size of the duvet. Flat sheets can be added underneath the duvet cover, but will be used more often for customers who prefer wool or fleece covers.

What to choose as a comforter cover for the luxury hotel industry?

The luxury duvet cover is not only made of the most beautiful and delicate materials such as cotton sateen or cotton percale, but is also woven from the finest raw materials such as Egyptian combed cotton or Pima: a rare cotton that gives the duvet cover absolute softness and comfort. The extremely careful manufacture combines both finishes with bourdons and coloured ruffles. The beautiful satin of our Magnolia bed linen reference will delight the most demanding customers of the luxury hotel industry.

What material to choose for comforter covers at the hotel?

Hotel duvet covers can be made from a variety of materials: cotton sateen, cotton percale, half-linen or linen. At Bergan, we usually respect the choices of the hotelier or the owner of the residence according to the level of range and economic constraints. But to sum up, cotton satin will be chosen for its softness and its "silky" side, Percale is a "noble" cotton fabric reserved for the top of the range, and finally Linen and Metis is appreciated for its thermoregulatory properties: dry in winter and cool in summer, it has the advantage of being suitable for all seasons.

And also, take advantage of our made-to-measure services to personalise your bed linen with the addition of a bourdon, ruffles or embroidery to your image.

What size should I choose for my comforter covers?

The ideal size for duvet covers depends on the size of your bed:

Bed 90/100 x 200: duvet cover 160 x 220
Bed 140/160 x 200: duvet cover 240 x 220
Bed 160/180 x 200 : duvet cover 260 x 240
Bed 180/200 x 200 : duvet cover 280 x 240

Is it possible to customize my comforter covers?

Bergan duvet covers are made to measure and can therefore be personalised.
For the hotel industry, we recommend coloured satin stitch, coloured ruffles and embroidery.