With their natural materials and the “vintage” feel of crumpled fabric, linen and linen-blend duvet covers evoke a homely, “back to basics” atmosphere, currently much appreciated by customers and travellers.

Linen is a fabric with subtle, rich and deep colours. In addition, linen has a pleasant soft touch. The linen duvet cover is therefore ideal for hotel professionals. Linen is also a thermo-regulating fabric. Therefore, in summer, linen offers a light and fresh feeling, and in winter linen will retain heat.

Whether you opt for 100% pure linen or 50% linen/50% cotton, these ecological materials will provide a soft, fresh feel in summer and become more malleable with washing.

As always, our workshops will employ meticulous stitching and finishing techniques to make your linen a truly exceptional product.

Bergan also offers cotton duvet covers and polycotton duvet covers.


100% Linen - Plain - 160g/m² - 115TC 


100% Linen - Handmade finish - 160g/m² - 115TC 


50% Linen/50% Cotton - Plain - 145g/m² - 125TC