Bespoke fitted sheet by Bergan adapt to the size of hotel mattresses. Truth is, hotel mattresses gain in thickness and mattress topper add some height. Hence, standard fitted sheet  is most of the time inadapted for hotels.

As we are able to manufacture your bespoke products in our workshops, your sheets will be sized as you wish.

Cotton, linen or cotton-linen mix, choose between several materials used in the hospitality sector, the one that will fullfil your needs in terms of confort and maintenance constraints.

Cotton sheets are both comfortable and long-lasting. Cotton also gives fitted sheets greater flexibility and softness wash after wash. We use single yarn cotton for the COMFORT range, or combed, twisted yarns for Percales and Sateens in the PRIVILEGE and PREMIUM ranges.

Our sheets can also, of course, be made to…

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Make your hotel rooms a real benchmark for rest and well-being!

Linen and linen-blend sheets give pride of place to the natural materials used in high-end hotels. Whether you opt for 100% pure linen or 50% linen/50% cotton blend, these materials provide a soft touch and fresh feel in summer.

Fitted sheets…

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Polycotton fitted sheets are easy to care for and change on the bed, making them ideal for budget hotels.

Upscale hotels tend to prefer polycotton percale for fitted sheets with a higher quality feel.

Fitted sheets made to measure for any size of mattress.

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How do I care for my fitted sheets?

For Bergan fitted sheets, in cotton or linen, a 60°C wash is strongly recommended but in case of heavy stains, you can increase the temperature to 90°C. However, washing at 90°C will alter the cotton fibre. Ironing your fitted sheets will be necessary for an impeccable result, call on your launderer who will perfectly maintain your bed linen.

What material should I choose for my hotel fitted sheets?

Choosing the right bed linen is very important. If you are looking for a soft and silky material, choose a cotton satin. Similarly, if you are looking for a light material that is cool in summer, choose linen.

Your choice should be based on how you feel and where you are located. For example, in the mountains, for comfort and warmth, choose a percale or satin cotton with a tight weave and a high thread count.

What are the fitted sheet sizes for a 160 or 180 mattress?

At Bergan, all fitted sheets are made to measure, so you are guaranteed to have fitted sheets that fit the dimensions of your bedding. In order to adapt to the height of your mattress toppers, 30 to 35 cm cups can be made. You can find an example by clicking here: FITTED SHEET SATIN COTTON - 300

Which fitted sheet for luxury hotels?

The choice of bed linen is essential for a luxury hotel. The criteria for choosing bed linen will be based on the materials that provide the best sensations, an exceptional touch and a beautiful visual appearance. The aim is to provide an unforgettable night's experience. Choose the same materials for your bed linen to harmonise your hotel rooms.

What to choose between fitted sheet and flat sheet?

The fitted sheet and the flat sheet both have their advantages and disadvantages. The fitted sheet can be adapted to a certain mattress size. This makes it quick and easy to make your bed. Also, thanks to its elasticated cover shape, it envelops your mattress perfectly. About the flat sheet, it adapts well to different bed sizes. Moreover, flat sheets are much easier to clean in industrial laundries.