Cotton sheets are both comfortable and long-lasting. Cotton also gives fitted sheets greater flexibility and softness wash after wash. We use single yarn cotton for the COMFORT range, or combed, twisted yarns for Percales and Sateens in the PRIVILEGE and PREMIUM ranges.

Our sheets can also, of course, be made to measure for any size of mattress!


100% Cotton - Jacquard small bubbles - 120g/m² - 465TC


Sateen 100% Combed Cotton - Plain - 140g/m² - 400TC


100% Combed Cotton - 120g/m² - 200TC  


Satin 100% Combed Cotton - Plain - 125g/m² - 300TC - 120 wires/cm²


Cotton Satin - 125g/m² - 600TC


100% Combed Cotton - Plain - 125g/m² - 500TC


What is the advantage of a cotton fitted sheet?

Cotton is the most common fabric for hotel linen. Its natural material offers a softness and an elegant appearance. A cotton satin or percale will give a different property depending on how cool or warm you want it to be. Thanks to its weaving technique, a cotton sateen gives a slightly silky appearance, a light and luxurious material. Cotton percale, on the other hand, gives an incomparable feeling of well-being: lightness and freshness, and its touch stays soft wash after wash.

What is the difference between a cotton and polycotton fitted sheet?

Cotton is more comfortable than polycotton, it has a softer and more pleasant feel. This advantage makes a cotton fitted sheet a better quality bedding than a polycotton fitted sheet. Bergan has developed polycotton fitted sheets that give you almost the same level of comfort as 100% cotton. Even though polycotton, a mixture of cotton and polyester, is more resistant (with the presence of the polyester fibre) than 100% cotton, it is less appreciated in the high-end hotel industry, which turns to natural materials such as cotton sateen (500TC or more) or cotton percale.

How do I maintain my cotton fitted sheets?

Cotton bed linen can be washed at 40°C, but in the hotel industry and for hygiene reasons (elimination of bacteria and viruses), it is recommended to wash your cotton fitted sheets at 60°C min, or even 90°C for stubborn stains on white cotton. Bergan cotton fitted sheets are easily maintained in industrial laundries, washing tunnels and calendering machines.

Which cotton fitted sheet to choose for a guest house?

Which cotton fitted sheet to choose for a guest house?

Bergan advises you to choose cotton fitted sheets because they are easy to put on. The fitted sheet fits perfectly to the size of your mattress, they are adapted to the dimensions of your bedding. The material chosen by Bergan is always of professional quality, and is very resistant to washing. This will save you time and keep your fitted sheet for a long time. For guest houses we recommend these different cotton fitted sheets: Click here

How many sets of linen do I need for fitted cotton sheets?

A linen set is the amount of linen you need to rotate. The number of sets depends on the occupancy rate of your hotel or restaurant. Bergan advises you:

  • For hotels: a minimum of 3 sets of fitted sheets is necessary, 5 sets of linen is ideal, but some industrial laundries recommend 7 sets to optimise turnover.
  • For guest rooms: 3 to 5 sets depending on the occupancy rate and the cleaning method you have adopted.