Make your hotel rooms a real benchmark for rest and well-being!

Linen and linen-blend sheets give pride of place to the natural materials used in high-end hotels. Whether you opt for 100% pure linen or 50% linen/50% cotton blend, these materials provide a soft touch and fresh feel in summer.

Fitted sheets made to measure for any size of mattress.


100% Linen - Plain - 160g/m² - 115TC

100% Vintage washed linen - Plain - 160g/m² - 115TC


Canvas 50% Linen/50% Cotton - Uni - 145g/m² - 125TC


How do I maintain my linen or half-linen fitted sheets?

For crumpled linen, no ironing or calendering is necessary. Indeed, the crumpled aspect of linen gives it its particularity. Bergan recommends that you wash your linen or half-linen fitted sheets at 60°C. If you have heavy stains, you can increase the temperature to 90°C.

Why choose linen fitted sheets?

Linen is a noble, light and very pleasant material in the summer and in hot regions. Thanks to its lightness, linen lets air and body heat through. This prevents you from sweating. Match your fitted sheets with the same linen or half-linen of your duvet covers and pillowcases. If you choose a linen fitted sheet, it is trendy to match all your linen bed linen.

What is the difference between linen and half-linen?

The advantage of half-linen over linen is economic, because we have a mixture of cotton and linen. The metis is a weaving made with cotton in the warp thread and linen in the weft thread. The linen fitted sheet is better than other fabrics as far as thermoregulation is concerned, i.e. linen will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

What are the advantages of a linen or half-linen fitted sheet?

Linen is a natural fabric with many advantages. This material is ideal for professional quality bed linen. Fitted sheets made of linen or half-linen are appreciated for their ability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. In addition, linen is easy to care for because it is absorbent and does not need to be ironed.

Which linen fitted sheet for a hotel ?

Fitted sheets in linen or half-linen are the perfect choice for top-of-the-range hotel bed linen. A natural, refined and elegant material, a fitted sheet in linen or half-linen offers a sober and authentic decoration to hotel rooms. Discover the linen fitted sheet range by Bergan here: Click here