Polycotton fitted sheets are easy to care for and change on the bed, making them ideal for budget hotels.

Upscale hotels tend to prefer polycotton percale for fitted sheets with a higher quality feel.

Fitted sheets made to measure for any size of mattress.


What are the differences between polycotton and cotton fitted sheets?

The main quality of the polycotton fitted sheet (a mixture of cotton and polyester) is that the fabric is more resistant due to the number of polyester fibres. Also, polycotton dries quickly, is easier to iron and wrinkles less. As for cotton, it is softer and more comfortable to the touch. This advantage makes a cotton fitted sheet a better quality bedding than a polycotton fitted sheet.

How do I maintain for my polycotton fitted sheets?

In the hotel industry and for reasons of hygiene (elimination of bacteria and viruses), a minimum of 60°C is strongly recommended for polycotton fitted sheets. You can increase the temperature to 90°C in case of heavy stains. However, washing your polycotton linen systematically at 90°C will alter the strength of your linen by weakening the cotton fibre.

Why have fitted sheets in polycotton?

The mixture of cotton and polyester gives polycotton fitted sheets the double advantage of cotton and polycotton. Cotton, a natural material, gives a soft appearance and regulates the body temperature. Polycotton, a synthetic and resistant material, is also easier to maintain and more economical than 100% cotton. In summary, a polycotton linen with 60 or 80% cotton will offer both the comfort of cotton and great resistance, which gives it a significant advantage for the hotel industry compared to 100% cotton.

What is the shrinkage rate on my polycotton fitted sheets?

The shrinkage rate of the polycotton used by Bergan is about 5% in both warp and weft. The dimensions of our fitted sheets take these shrinkage rates into account in order to guarantee you made-to-measure fitted sheets. It is therefore advisable to decatiate (cold wash) your bed linen before using it for the first time.

Which polycotton fitted sheet should I choose for my guest house?

The choice of polycotton is preferable if you want easy care and long-lasting linen. Bergan recommends a polycotton satin fitted sheet. For example, a polycotton sheet made of a mixture of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, in 125g/m2, provides flexibility, lightness and allows the linen to dry quickly and to crease less. Click here to see the product.