Bergan offers the possibility of giving your flat sheets a beautiful, bespoke finish and ensuring that they are perfectly suited to your hotel bedding.

Our hotel flat sheets are made from the finest materials, including Cotton Percale, Cotton Sateen (300TC up to 1000TC), Jacquard weave or Striped Sateen and Linen blends.

All our hotel bed linen is bespoke-made in our workshops in the North of France. Your choice of sizing, hems and the addition of a satin stich or embroidery will reinforce your image and give your guests a personalised welcome.

Made-to-measure flat sheets will always fit your hotel bedding perfectly.

Choose from our Cotton Percale, Cotton Sateen, Jacquard weave Sateen or Striped Sateen. The linen’s resistance and size marking make Bergan’s flat sheets the ideal product to be cleaned in an industrial or internal laundry.

Our bespoke manufacturing allows us to always…

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Linen and linen blends are making a comeback, with natural materials back on the agenda for household fabrics, including in the hospitality sector: boutique-hotels and warm-weather Resorts/Palaces.

Linen and linen blend flat sheets are lightweight, creating a fresh, soft feel for optimal comfort on warm nights.

Fine linen (160g/m²), crumpled linen with…

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Polycotton Sateen or Percale, plain or striped… all these different material effects influence the feel and comfort of your flat sheets. Sateen is known to be softer, finer and silkier than percale. However, percale can also be very soft and offer an appealing feel thanks to its tight weave (over…

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How to choose my flat sheets ?

What is the advantage of the flat sheet compared to the fitted sheet?

The flat sheet is a versatile linen, because it adapts to all bed sizes. The flat sheet will offer you a square bed in order to have a neat and welcoming room for your guests. Moreover, this bed linen is very easy to maintain in an industrial laundry.

What material should I choose for flat sheets in a hotel?

Choosing the right flat sheet is important. If you are looking for a soft, silky fabric, choose cotton sateen. Similarly, if you are looking for a light material that is cool in summer, ideal for hotels by the sea, choose a linen flat sheet. Your choice should be based on your sense of touch. For example, for a hotel in the mountains, choose cotton or satin to provide comfortable warmth for sleeping.

How do I maintain for my flat sheets?

For flat sheets made of cotton or linen, we strongly recommend washing at 60°C. However, in case of heavy stains, you can increase the temperature to 90°C. However, repeated washing at 90°C will alter the cotton fibre.

Ironing your flat sheets will be necessary for a perfect and neat squared bed. Call on your launderer who will take care of your bed linen perfectly.

What size should I choose for my flat sheets?

At Bergan, all flat sheets are made to measure, so you are guaranteed to have flat sheets adapted to the dimensions of your bedding. For a neat, square bed, the dimensions of the flat sheet should be larger than the mattress.

Which flat sheet for luxury hotels?

The choice of flat sheet is essential for a luxury hotel room. The selection criterias are related to the fabrics that provide the best feel and incomparable softness to the touch. The aim is to offer your guests an exceptional night's sleep. Bergan recommends the 100% cotton flat sheet Amaryllis or the linen flat sheet 4267.