Linen and linen blends are making a comeback, with natural materials back on the agenda for household fabrics, including in the hospitality sector: boutique-hotels and warm-weather Resorts/Palaces.

Linen and linen blend flat sheets are lightweight, creating a fresh, soft feel for optimal comfort on warm nights.

Fine linen (160g/m²), crumpled linen with a “raw” natural appearance, linen-cotton blends… take advantage of these different variants to set yourself apart, promoting a distinctly different feel among your guests.


100% Linen - Plain - 160g/m² - 115TC


100% Linen - Handmade finish - 160g/m² - 115TC


50% Linen/50% Cotton - Plain - 145g/m² - 125TC - Plain  


What are the advantages of a linen or half-linen flat sheet?

Flat linen sheets have many advantages. Firstly, linen is an excellent natural thermoregulator. Indeed, linen will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer to promote a pleasant night's sleep. Linen fabric has a cooler feel than cotton fabric. Linen also has a good dye affinity. This means that the colours of linen are subtle, deep and rich.

Why is the flat linen sheet ideal for hotels by the sea?

Linen offers you the possibility to use it for all seasons. Indeed, of its lightness and flexibility, linen feels cool in summer and keeps you warm in winter. For the decoration part, linen is very trendy for hotels by the sea. You can create a chic and bohemian atmosphere in your rooms. This way, you will welcome your guests in the best conditions.

What is the difference between half-breed and linen?

Metis is a weaving made with cotton in the warp thread and linen in the weft thread. It is therefore a mixture of the two fabrics. If you are not sure whether to use cotton or linen, a half-breed is the best compromise. Also, a half-breed linen is less expensive than a 100% cotton linen.

How do I care for my flat linen sheets?

Pour le lin, Bergan vous recommande de laver vos draps plats en lin mélangé à 60°C. Si vous avez des taches importantes, vous pouvez augmenter la température à 90°C. Le séchage est possible dans un sèche-linge à température modérée, et le repassage à haute température est recommandé sur le tissu encore humide. Enfin, plus vous laverez vos draps de lin plat, plus votre linge deviendra doux.

Which linen flat sheet for my guest house?

Linen is a natural, refined and authentic material that offers elegant and high quality bed linen. For your guest house, Bergan recommends this flat sheet 4267 in 100% linen. Your guests will appreciate its lightness and sobriety.