Polycotton Sateen or Percale, plain or striped… all these different material effects influence the feel and comfort of your flat sheets. Sateen is known to be softer, finer and silkier than percale. However, percale can also be very soft and offer an appealing feel thanks to its tight weave (over 200TC). The most obvious advantage of polycotton is nevertheless its very long-lasting, easy-care qualities.


50% cotton/50% polyester - Plain - 125g/m² - White

70% Cotton/30% Polyester - 140g/m² - Without ironing


Canvas 50% Cotton - 50% Polyester - 135g/m² - White

80% Cotton/20% Polyester - 140g/m² - 95 fils/cm² - White


60% Cotton/40% Polyester - Fine stripes - 135g/m² - 230TC - White  


What are the advantages of a polycotton flat sheet?

The mix of cotton and polyester gives the polycotton flat sheet the advantages of both natural and synthetic fabrics. Indeed, compared to cotton fabric, polycotton will be easier to maintain and more economical. A polycotton flat sheet dries quickly, wrinkles easily, can be washed at high temperatures and will maintain its original color.

Which polycotton flat sheet to choose for my hotel?

If you want easy care and durability, you can choose a polycotton flat sheet. Bergan recommends the polycotton satin flat sheet. This soft, silky and shiny bed linen will seduce your customers. With its weight of 150g/m2, this polycotton satin flat sheet is perfectly adapted to the professionals of the hotel industry.

How to maintain my polycotton flat sheets ?

Bergan strongly recommends washing at 60°C for flat polycotton sheets. If stains persist, you can increase the temperature to 90°C. However, systematically washing your polycotton flat sheets at this temperature will have an impact on the cotton fiber. This means that your linen will become more fragile.

What is the difference between a polycotton and cotton flat sheet?

The main quality of the polycotton flat sheet is the fabric. Because of the number of polyester fibers, it has a higher resistance. In addition, polycotton wrinkles less and dries very quickly, which makes ironing easier. As for the cotton flat sheet, it offers a softer comfort and a pleasant touch.

Why is the polycotton flat sheet suitable for guest houses?

Polycotton fabric is very durable, so it is an excellent long-term investment for your guest house. Polycotton is much more economical than 100% cotton and is very easy to care for. In addition, Bergan offers the best quality polycotton flat sheets, including percale and satin.