First of all, our pillowcases and bolster cases for hotels are manufactured from all the materials used in the Bergan range.

Moreover, the finish of the pillowcases is always flawless. Indeed, they are made from the most refined materials, with or without flounces or embroidery.

Give your guest a personalised welcome and create an upscale atmosphere with subtile and elegant finishes : ruffles, coloured piping or satin stitches, embroidery. We custom-make our products in France and an therefore adapt to any pillow size with our genuine reversible ruffled pilowcases.

Our pillowcases are made from a range of quality cotton fabrics: plain woven cotton for our Comfort range, cotton sateen or percale for our Privilege range, and the finest 100% combed cotton, in plain or jacquard weave, for our Premium range. Our ruffled pillowcases are manufactured with 5 ruffles, making…

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Your linen or linen-blend pillowcases can be made in bag or ruffled form. For an elegant, welcoming atmosphere, we’d advise a ruffled design with customization:

We can add an embroidery and reinforce your “household linen” image with the name of your establishment or your hotel logo. Our bespoke manufacturing allows us…

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Polycotton pillowcases are mainly manufactured in an open-bag shape, used by hotels as pillow protectors under the outer pillowcase. We can nevertheless make them ruffled form, especially when it comes to the polycotton-lined Percale or Sateen pillowcases in our Privilege range.

The open-bag shape tends to be reserved for pillow protectors.

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We offer to make bolster covers for the hotel industry. Indeed, they are the same materials as flat sheets or comforter covers.

Indeed, cotton, linen-métis, polycotton, our pillowcases will be perfect for your high-end hotel.

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Who to choose your pillowcases and bolsters cases ?

The linen developed and manufactured by Bergan for nearly 30 years, is a quality linen intended exclusively for high-end hotels and restaurants, and luxury hotels.

What is the sizes for pillowcases ?

In the trade, the standards sizes of pillowases are : 50 x 70cm or 65 x 65cm, but of course, you will find other sizes at bergan, because in hostelry, there are different sizes of pillows : 45 x 70 cm, 50 x 70 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 65 x 65 cm and sometimes even 50 x 80 cm. We manufacture all these sizes for our pillowcases.

What material choose for my pillowcases ?

The most used material for bed linen (and pillowcases) is cotton.

Different qualities of cotton exist in the market, form basic cotton canvas to percales or high quality sateen made of combed cotton from Egypt or cotton from America for example.

For hotel professionals, cotton and polyester blends are also available, for the questions of resistant, easily of ironing and drying.

In the high-end and luxe, only premium cotton pillowcases offer very qualitative touch and comfort

Is it possible to customize my pillowcases?

Les taies d'oreillers personnalisées offrent un accueil toujours plus convivial et élégant. Pour l'hôtel, nous conseillons des finitions par bourdon de couleur ou des broderies à l'image de votre établissement.
Chez Bergan, toutes nos taies sont fabriquées sur-mesure (disponibles donc dans de nombreuses tailles), et sont toujours personnalisables.

What shape should I choose for my pillowcases at the hotel?

Pillowcases should be as close as possible to the shape (rectangle or square) and size of your pillows. The more you go upmarket in hotels, the more the pillowcases must be adjusted to the pillows. Then, the pillowcases can be in the form of a simple pillowcase, called "bag" shape or "with ruffles" shape, that is to say with a 4-5 cm border all around the pillowcases.