Prolong the unique sensory and emotive feel of the treatments offered at your hotel Spa.

Give your guests a unique experience and an intimate feeling of well-being with our Spa accessories.

Cherry stone warmers, amaranth masks, flax warmers, spelt neck supports… a whole range to awaken the senses, for an instinctive and sensory approach to care and beauty. Make your Spa a really peaceful cocoon!


Fjord spa headband - White - 320 g/m²

100% Cotton - 400 g/m² - White

100% Cotton spa cloth - white - 450g/m²

Fjord spa pareo - White - 320 g/m²

Fjord spa pareo - Coloured - 320 g/m²

100% Cotton - Special Spa or Pool - 350g/m² - Choice of colors


100% amaranth seed filling


Cherry stone warmer


Cherry stone neck warmer


Spelt ball neck rest


FLAX warmer - Flanders flaxseed


Spelt ball neck support


Why choose massage items?

The massage articles complete and extend the service of your spa or swimming pool.
Bergan offers several massage items: spa headbands, spa squares, pareos, fouta, hot water bottles and neck warmers. All those little details that will awaken the senses of your customers.

What is a fouta?

Originally, the fouta is used around the waist to go to the hammam, but it can be used for several purposes. For the beach, the pool or the spa, foutas are becoming more and more popular and allow you to walk around quietly and comfortably.
Bergan foutas are available in various colours and measure 90 x 150 cm, but you can also have your own foutas made in specific sizes, weights and colours.