Duvets and pillows with synthetic or natural fillings are very important to hospitality establishments aiming for optimal comfort.

BERGAN draws upon its expertise to guide you in choosing pillows and duvets according to your desired comfort, warmth and hygrometry levels. Offer your customers a choice of pillows with various different feels, experimenting with fibres and grammages with our customized offering of “à la carte pillows”.

Support, flexibility, a soft, voluminous feel, warmth… every sleeper has their own needs in terms of comfort, which is why we help you choose the right compromise solution for your hotel pillows.

Do your guests wish to spend an unforgettable night at the hotel? Help them by offering a selection of different pillows. We advise you to choose at least two comfort types, for example soft (more or less malleable) and firm. You can also vary the selection by experimenting with different pillow sizes, shapes or volumes (thick or very thin).

To take this further, you could opt for a pillow menu,…

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Do you wish to really set yourself apart in your guests’ minds? Make their night an opportunity for pure relaxation!

Down duvets are an essential ingredient in today’s upscale and luxury hotel rooms, providing cosy comfort and exuding warmth, even in their lightest forms. Down duvets made from natural materials promote a relative humidity exchange and regulate body temperature.

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Undersheets and bedding toppers are essential for protecting your hotel mattresses. We offer 400g/m² brushed cotton undersheets. Cotton provides flexibility and comfort but is not waterproof. Opt for our coated undersheets if you wish to guarantee a waterproof surface.

We recommend mattress toppers with a Polyurethane coating for the upscale hospitality sector due to their soft, micro-breathable qualities and minimal noise production. Some are so thin and light that you completely forget they’re hidden under the sheets!

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Pillow covers or pillow protectors are hospitality essentials, helping to ensure your pillows remain hygienic and last as long as possible.

Bergan’s basic-quality pillow covers are made from molleton cotton or stretch cotton jersey to perfectly adapt to the size and shape of your pillows.

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Hotel blankets made from pure or merino wool provide your guests with classic or luxurious comfort.

Let yourself be tempted by soft, light materials, choosing our 100% cotton, Mohair and wool, microvelvet or fleece blankets. Fleece or cotton blankets are ideal as extra blankets for your hotel rooms.

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Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury of a custom-made mattress from Bergan!

Bergan has partnered up with a French high-end bedding manufacturer to offer you exceptional mattresses designed especially for the hotel industry.

Since the bedding used in the upscale and luxury hospitality sector is generally of very high quality, mattress toppers are designed to create beautifully soft, plush-feeling beds inviting guests to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Mattress toppers allow bedding to be linked together to move from twin to double-bed configuration and extend the life of your mattresses.

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