Hotel blankets made from pure or merino wool provide your guests with classic or luxurious comfort.

Let yourself be tempted by soft, light materials, choosing our 100% cotton, Mohair and wool, microvelvet or fleece blankets. Fleece or cotton blankets are ideal as extra blankets for your hotel rooms.

Embrace the soft, light feel of our 100% cotton Gargas blankets.

Ideal as a summer blanket, extra blanket or to put over your beds instead of bed runners. Double-sided blankets allow you to vary the colour possibilities to match your room decor.

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Choose a hotel blanket that perfectly meets your expectations: Woolmark pure virgin wool, wool and mohair or 100% Merino wool for a luxury hotel or Palace.

All our blankets are designed for the hotel industry and meet safety standards (Decree No. 2000-164 of 23 February 2000 on safe bedding products)

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Special fleece blankets for the hospitality sector: excellent value for an extra blanket in your hotel room. Choose the colour of your fleece blanket from a range of 20 – there’s sure to be one suitable for your room décor!

You could also think about a special microfibre Spa blanket to…

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How to choose a blanket for an hotel?

According to the desired use : booster or isulation blanket at the place of duvet, the choice of the material and weight will play a role. If you are only propose blankets to the hotel, they must be warm and heavy enought to ensure warmth and comfort. For a booster blanket, choose wool blankets with low weight or fleece blanket with high isulating power and quick drying.

What size should I choose for the blankets?

For single beds 90 x 190 cm or 90 x 200 cm choose 180 x 240 cm.
For double beds in 140 x 190 or 140 x 200 cm choose 220 x 240 cm;
For Queen size beds of 160 x 200 cm choose 240 x 260 cm;
For king size beds of 180 x 200 and more, choose 240 x 300 cm.

What to choose between wool or fleece blankets?

The natural wool blanket is an excellent thermal isulator and at the same time absorbs moisture in order to preserve the comfort of sleeper. Thak’s to its absorption capacity, which is 20 to 30 times greater than that of a syntetic blanket, its prevents all of humidity sensation which is evacuated to the outside.

In addition to its technical characteristics, the wool blanket provides a traditional touch to rooms with the decoration with a « home-like » or at « vintage » style.

The fleece blanket is made from a polyester fiber, is soft and light, and has great isulating power while remaining very light. It is also easy to care for in washing machine and dries quickly.

What blanket to offer for the summer?

For hot regions and with a dry summer : the respiration is released in the form of vapour, wool is more adapted to absorb humidity in the vapour state. For regions with a humid summer : cotton and linen are more adapted to absorb the transpiration.

What weight to choose for a blanket?

The weight (g/m² or gms) of blanket determines its insulating power, the higher the weight, the better the blancket.

If the room is weel heated, a wool blanket with a weight of 350gms is best. In a colder room, or for the people are sensitive to the cold, this weight will rise to 600gms or even 800gms for an ultra warm blanket. Fleece blanket : a weight of 200gms may be sufficient, but will rise to 250gms for a comfort more cold and to 600gms for a room little heated.