Do you wish to really set yourself apart in your guests’ minds? Make their night an opportunity for pure relaxation!

Down duvets are an essential ingredient in today’s upscale and luxury hotel rooms, providing cosy comfort and exuding warmth, even in their lightest forms. Down duvets made from natural materials promote a relative humidity exchange and regulate body temperature.

Natural down duvets have an 100% natural filling (goose or duck down), ideal for a really comfortable sleep in luxury and upscale hotels.

Light, billowy and comfortably warm whatever the climate… down duvets have a different feel depending on their fillings – goose or new duck down and/or feathers – and…

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Synthetically filled duvets come in various fibres: microfibre or 100% Polyester hollow fibre with different envelopes and weights (300g/m² to 500g/m²). You can buy so-called “smart” duvets that can be linked together when your twin beds are in double bed configuration.

All our synthetic duvets can be washed at 60°C and…

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What size duvet should I choose for a 160 cm bed?

The minimum length of the duvet is 40 cm on each side, which gives a duvet of at least 240x220 cm (width x length), but today's mattresses are increasingly thick. It is therefore necessary to think about how to present the beds with duvets laid or tucked in. For mattresses of 22 to 25 cm maximum, 240x220 is suitable. For thicker mattresses: from 26 cm to 35 cm, a duvet of 260x240 cm is required.

How do I clean duvets in a hotel?

Duvets should be cleaned in the machines with big capacity. Of course, in inside wash, is more difficult to wash several duvets in the same time. Think of the bindable duvets for large sizes because they can be wash separately.

What is the difference between a duvet and a reliable duvet?

The big advantage is the modularity when changing from a room with a big bed to 2 single beds. In this case, you can separate the duvet into 2 small duvets and for the double bed and we link the two duvets in a big with zip in the middle of 2 duvets. This avoids to stock duvets no use beyond the utilisation of the room.

Which filling should I choose for my duvets?

The filing can be either natural (in general a mixture of feathers and down for a cost question) or synthetic. It is necessary to analyse articles who are presented by some suppliers like microfiber because this fiber very fine can be used for the filing like the envelope.

Bergan offers duvets with microfiber envelop and filing which gives the duvets a down-like feel. Indeed, many customers does not wish to natural filing for an allergy question.

What are the advantages of natural duvets?

The weight is very different between natural or synthetic filings. Feathers and down duvets are much lighter. For all that, they are very warm at equivalent volume. The advantage is also to thermics exchanges who are very good, which guarantees a good night’s sleep because each sleeper have a sensation very personal to warmth and cold.