Do you wish to really set yourself apart in your guests’ minds? Make their night an opportunity for pure relaxation!

Down duvets are an essential ingredient in today’s upscale and luxury hotel rooms, providing cosy comfort and exuding warmth, even in their lightest forms. Down duvets made from natural materials promote a relative humidity exchange and regulate body temperature.


Synthetic Duvet - Down comfort - Polyester fiber - 400g/m² 

30% Duvet/70% Duck Feathers - 350g/m²

Comforter - Polyester Silicone Hollow Fibers - 400g/m² 

Summer Duvet - 100% Polyester - 250g/m²

Duvet Sensation - 100% polyester microfibre - 350 g/m²

70% Duvet/30% Duck Feathers - 200g/m²