Natural down duvets have an 100% natural filling (goose or duck down), ideal for a really comfortable sleep in luxury and upscale hotels.

Light, billowy and comfortably warm whatever the climate… down duvets have a different feel depending on their fillings – goose or new duck down and/or feathers – and proportion of down in relation to feathers.

In addition to aesthetics, the advantage of natural down duvets is that their filling (down and/or feathers) is an excellent heat regulator, allowing for an ongoing exchange of hot and cool air to maintain an ideal temperature all night long.

All our duvets are made in France or Europe, anti-allergy (Nomite label) and derived from environmentally-friendly processes that respect animals’ well-being (no filling taken from live animals).


Reliable Duvet - 70% Down - 30% Duck feathers - 200g/m²


Natural Duvet - 90% Duvet - 10% Duck Feathers - 200g/m²

Natural Duvet - 90% Duvet - 10 Duck Feathers - 300gms

Natural Duvet - 70% Duvet - 30% Duck Feathers - 200g/m2