Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury of a custom-made mattress from Bergan!

Bergan has partnered up with a French high-end bedding manufacturer to offer you exceptional mattresses designed especially for the hotel industry.

Since the bedding used in the upscale and luxury hospitality sector is generally of very high quality, mattress toppers are designed to create beautifully soft, plush-feeling beds inviting guests to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Mattress toppers allow bedding to be linked together to move from twin to double-bed configuration and extend the life of your mattresses.


Semi-firm memory foam mattress - Thickness 34 cm

Mattress with springs and memory foam - Thickness 27 cm

Foam mattress - Thickness 24 cm

Foam mattress - Thickness 18 cm

Memory foam mattress topper

Microfibre mattress topper - 500g/m² For putting two single beds together and making the mattress more comfortable

Mattress topper filled with duck down and feathers - 1500g/m².


How to choose your bedding?

Bergan developed a specific range for hostellerie with a french fabricant. You can be choose the best sizes to your rooms, qualities of box springs according to the range level of your hotel. Because the bedding set is an important choice for an hotel, we advoices in the best combinaision mattress / box springs / mattress toper according to the range level and comfort wanted.

How to choose a hotel quality mattress?

The choice of mattress is based on different criteria such as size (height), firmness, suspension technologies: springs, foam, latex or memory foam and budget. In the hotel industry, two main support technologies exist: foam mattresses with different types of foam and spring mattresses. The higher the density of the foam, the higher the quality of the mattress and the longer it will last. The density is measured in kg/m3, a HR foam of 35kg/m3 is a high resilience foam. Spring mattresses topped with memory foam are designed for sleepers who want a soft, plush feel at night. The higher the number of springs, the greater the support.

Which bed base to choose for the hotel industry?

Slatted bed bases are the most common in the bedding and hotel market. They are most often box springs with fixed slats or flexible slats. For high-end hotels, choose quality slatted bases such as flexible slats with at least 15 flexible multi-ply slats (2x15 slats in a double bed) and with an insulating foam guaranteeing solidity and comfort in bed. Flexible slats offer excellent support and guarantee good ventilation and heat exchange. Make the choice of a quality bedding made in France, dedicated to the hotel industry with Bergan mattresses and box springs!

What type of mattress toppers are there?

The mattress topper undoubtedly improves the comfort of your mattress and provides a quality sleep. If your mattresses are aging, and you don't plan to change them, you can make them more comfortable by adding a mattress topper. If your mattresses are recent but firm, the mattress topper will provide a softer welcome without changing the primary quality of your mattress support. In the hotel industry, you can find mattress toppers made of down and feathers, memory foam, synthetic filling, but rarely latex (because it is too hot). Otherwise, the mattress topper allows you to unify your bed when you combine two 80 or 90 cm mattresses to make a double bed.

What is the best bedding for my luxury hotel?

Your customers come for a great night's rest and you must contribute, by your choice, to offer them the best comfort. This goes from the bed base to the bed linen, including comforters and pillows. Choose high comfort mattresses with pocket springs and multi-ply mattresses for quality support and better air circulation for a quality sleep. Bergan will guide you through the selection of comforters, pillows and bedding to create the perfect night's sleep.