Pillow covers or pillow protectors are hospitality essentials, helping to ensure your pillows remain hygienic and last as long as possible.

Bergan’s basic-quality pillow covers are made from molleton cotton or stretch cotton jersey to perfectly adapt to the size and shape of your pillows.


What is a pillowcase?

A pillow cover, also know as pillow protector, is a fabric cover that can be inserted between the pillowcase and the pillow to protect this last. Pillows covers can be impermeable or no, zipped, canvas or cotton jersey, anti-mite.

Bergan will advise you according to the use.

When to use pillow covers?

Pillow cover or pillow protector is as the name suggests, a pillowcase which is placed under your pillow case. To ensure better hygiene at your customers at hotel and during the moment of health crisis, pillowcases are essential to protect your pillows and your customers. Bag-shaped in light material, are easily erased in your pillows.

What is the difference between pillowcases and pillow protectors?

There is no difference between pillow cover and pillow protector. In both cases, it serves to protect the pillows from stains, and transpiration of differents sleepers. In order to choose the right pilow cover, you have to take care of dimensions, materials, the closure and the maintenance. Indeed, for the hotels, pillows covers should not be confused with pillow cases, Its should wash easily in inside and have a system of leacking resistant.