Support, flexibility, a soft, voluminous feel, warmth… every sleeper has their own needs in terms of comfort, which is why we help you choose the right compromise solution for your hotel pillows.

Do your guests wish to spend an unforgettable night at the hotel? Help them by offering a selection of different pillows. We advise you to choose at least two comfort types, for example soft (more or less malleable) and firm. You can also vary the selection by experimenting with different pillow sizes, shapes or volumes (thick or very thin).

To take this further, you could opt for a pillow menu, including pillows made from refreshing fibres, hypoallergenic materials, memory foam, or seed-based fillings (see our organic pillows).


Sensation Duvet - 100% Polyester Microfiber - Semi-firm comfort

70% duck down / 30% feathers - Soft comfort

30% duck down / 70% feathers - Semi-firm comfort

Soft pillow - 100% Polyester MICROFIBRE

Very firm pillow - Shape memory - soybean oil-based foam

100% blown siliconized hollow polyester fiber - Soft comfort

Lavender ball pillow

CORK granule pillow - Firm, comfortable and compact

BUCKWHEAT ball pillow - Firm, static comfort