Support, flexibility, a soft, voluminous feel, warmth… every sleeper has their own needs in terms of comfort, which is why we help you choose the right compromise solution for your hotel pillows.

Do your guests wish to spend an unforgettable night at the hotel? Help them by offering a selection of different pillows. We advise you to choose at least two comfort types, for example soft (more or less malleable) and firm. You can also vary the selection by experimenting with different pillow sizes, shapes or volumes (thick or very thin).

To take this further, you could opt for a pillow menu, including pillows made from refreshing fibres, hypoallergenic materials, memory foam, or seed-based fillings (see our organic pillows).

Luxury hotels tend to opt for natural pillows, with down/feather fillings. BERGAN offers a selection of soft, malleable new duck or white goose down pillows with beautiful finishes (piping). Our natural pillows are certified with the NOMITE label (anti-dust mite) and are suitable for allergy sufferers.


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Bergan offers a very wide range of synthetic pillows for hotels, with a range of fillings providing various different comfort feels: soft, medium or firm. The standard hotel sizes are available: 45 x 70 or 50 x 70 rectangles and 60 x 60 or 65 x 65 squares. Special sizes…

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Bergan has selected organic herbal pillows (*) for the hospitality sector, allowing you to take advantage of the best comforts nature has to offer.

Discover the many different feels and specificities of this pillow range with 100% natural fillings such as cork, buckwheat, spelt, millet, lavender and rose petals.

(*) Products distributed…

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What are the best pillows to equip your hotel?

Hotel guests are increasingly sensitive to the quality of pillows. The choice of shape (rectangle or square), the type of filling, the volume and the comfort (soft to firm) all affect the quality of the pillow and the quality of the sleeper's night. Bergan advises you to offer different pillows with different comforts and shapes to cover the needs.

What size should I choose for hotel pillows?

Very often, the choice of the size of the pillow is linked to the use and the desired decorative aspect. For example, a square pillow is more likely to be used for reading and leaning against the headboard. Rectangular pillows are used for sleeping.
In many hotels, a rectangle is placed in front of a square to give a decorative volume to the bed. The best thing is to add a decorative pillow to the front of the rectangle pillow.

Which filling to choose for comfortable pillows?

The filling of pillows is an important criterion for judging the quality of a pillow. There are two main categories: natural fillings and synthetic fillings. Depending on the type of filling, the comfort or firmness of the pillow will vary.

When should pillows be changed in hotels?

This is a difficult debate because the durability of pillows will depend on the occupancy rate of the rooms. With regular washing and drying, pillows can last up to 3 years. But it is more your judgement on comfort and appearance that should guide you in deciding whether or not to keep the pillows. A very flat appearance, a lack of filling or a large difference in filling in different areas should lead you to change. Let's not forget that this is an essential element for the quality of your customers' sleep.