Undersheets and bedding toppers are essential for protecting your hotel mattresses. We offer 400g/m² brushed cotton undersheets. Cotton provides flexibility and comfort but is not waterproof. Opt for our coated undersheets if you wish to guarantee a waterproof surface.

We recommend mattress toppers with a Polyurethane coating for the upscale hospitality sector due to their soft, micro-breathable qualities and minimal noise production. Some are so thin and light that you completely forget they’re hidden under the sheets!


Waterproof undersheet - 100% combed cotton Jersey - 130 g/m².

Permeable - 100% Cotton - 200 gsm

Waterproof undersheet - 100% Tencel with PU coating

Permeable cotton undersheet - 400 g/m²


What is an undersheet?

An undersheet is a piece of fabric placed between the sheet and matress to protect this last.

Undersheets can be realised in cotton fleece, in cotton jersey or sponge bolt. Beyond what to wish, an article permeable or impermeable, the materials can be with a coating in the second face. Undersheet is essential to protect your mattresses in hotel.

What type of bed sheet should I choose for my hotel?

For an hotel, it is strongly recommended to use undersheets to protect the mattresses and sometimes the complexe matress + matress toper.

If pure cotton mattress pads were preferred to waterproofed ones a few years ago, Bergan has selected a new textiles with coating very fine and flexible which avoid undersheets too thick and noisy in use.

What is the difference between an undersheet and a mattress protector?

There is no difference between a mattress cover and a mattress protector. These products are designed to protect mattresses whose value and life span do not allow them to be stained. There are mattress protectors in the form of a tray (with 4 elastic bands at the corners) and mattress protectors in the form of a fitted sheet that envelops the mattress better. In addition, Bergan offers the manufacture of customised cups for mattresses that have become thicker in recent years.

What is the difference between a permeable and a waterproof underlay?

This difference is fundamental: permeable underpads, mostly made of brushed cotton, will prevent soiling but not liquid stains which will pass through the underpad and stain the mattress or the mattress covers which are difficult to remove. Bergan recommends waterproof underpads made from terry cloth or terrycloth with a PVC or polyurethane film added.