BERGAN > Bergan joins the “Biom Attitude” Programme

Bergan joins the “Biom Attitude” Programme

With the development of fair trade and organic products, along with the promotion of short supply circuits and responsible behaviour, buyers are placing increasing importance on social and environmental factors when making their purchases.

For some years now, Bergan has been involved in a CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility approach, which is reflected in its membership of the “BIOM Attitude” programme, aimed at measuring and valuing our contribution to the local area.



«What motivated you to join BIOM Attitude?

“Since taking over the Bergan business in 2010, I have focused on defending French textile know-how and associated local expertise. Keeping the workshops in the North of France was an obvious choice and we’ve even expanded our premises since the beginning of the year.

The way we defend local know-how, draw upon a network of regional subcontractors and partners and promote employment and resources in France is testimony to our CSR policy.

Really making this visible and spreading the word is something else, however. With the BIOM Attitude approach, we can now explain and demonstrate our commitment to local stakeholders, using indicators to back up our claims”  – Dominique de CHECCHI – CEO, BERGAN




Bergan, a French textile company dedicated to the luxury goods industry, has been very much rooted in the French economic fabric for the last 25 years, particularly on a regional level with its workshops established in Hauts de France.

We are convinced that Made in France not only means producing locally, but also in a responsible way: Fostering proximity, working with a network of local textile partners, encouraging local economic initiatives and sustainable development – all examples of our commitment.

The BIOM approach allows us to demonstrate and explain our local and responsible purchasing policy, social involvement and environmentally friendly efforts. The financial and societal audit phase carried out by the independent agency BIOM Attitude (*) in September 2018, allowed us to analyse Bergan’s good practices in terms of social, economic and environmental responsibility and obtain our own “% BIOM” indicator.

We are proud to announce that our economic performance score for supporting employment and public services in France is 58%. This means that 58% of our expenditure is redistributed over French territory.




Bergan’s 58% BIOM in figures:

Economic benefits

49% of our turnover is distributed locally

66% of our turnover is distributed in FRANCE

Social benefits

58% = our effectiveness in supporting employment and quality of life in France

100% of our jobs are on French regional territory.

Environmental benefits

35% of suppliers are local (region)

74% of our suppliers are in FRANCE

 (*) BIOM work, specialist sustainable development ratings agency located in the West of France (44).