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Bergan’s new organisation

Since the beginning of 2019, after 25 years serving upmarket hotels and gourmet restaurants and with the rapid development of its activities, Bergan has been reviewing its organisation.

In line with its business strategy, which focuses on consulting, services and customer satisfaction, Bergan is placing the emphasis on greater geographic proximity.



From now on, you’ll benefit from a special contact person for your specific area.

FRANCE : A local service, thanks to our 10 sales managers supported by a commercial team from our offices located in FLEURBAIX (Northern France, near LILLE).

EXPORT : Julien BERLEM, our associates sales director is your favorite contact to guide you for every hotel renovation or building project out of France. Julien supports the project managers in selecting their linen, bedding and decorative textiles, which are made in our workshops .

This team, most of whom have a background in the textile, hotel or decoration sector, will support you in all your projects sourcing textiles or linen for purchase/maintenance or rental/maintenance. They have specific training in our products, industrial processes and manufacturing techniques and just one goal: TO SATISFY YOU!!



To get in touch with your regional manager, Click here 


For every project and every customer, your regional manager will provide you with:


– relevant ADVICE

– suitable SERVICES

– quality BENEFITS

– personalised MONITORING


Do you have a hotel or building renovation project?

Or are you looking for specific textile products?

 Bergan is your textile partner for the upmarket and luxury hospitality sector.


Contact us without delay! Tel: + 33 (0) 320 488 7 30