Job areas at Bergan

Bergan, a French textiles company, has been providing its know-how and expertise to luxury hotels, palaces, Michelin-starred restaurants and high-end spas for nearly 25 years.

Advice and Customer Relationship

Textile solutions and linen for the hospitality sector

The mission of our sales team is to advise and assist you in seeking and implementing textile solutions, linen, bedding and decorative textiles. They are available by appointment or on the phone every day of the week.

We assign you dedicated contact people with a very good knowledge of textiles who will support you right from the beginning of your project, helping you define and select your products and launching special production runs. This support will continue throughout the product manufacturing and delivery process.


Study/Prototyping and Special Production

Did you order a special production run, bespoke manufacturing or customised textile products?

Bergan implements graphics and design services to develop embroidery, weaving (jacquard weave), customisation and/or prototyping programmes. Digital BATs (final print proofs) are produced to validate embroidery and other customisation and prototypes can be made if required by the project’s complexity.

Your collaboration is essential: graphic charters, logos in image format and colour codes (Pantone) must be provided to us at the beginning of the project.


Textile production for the hospitality sector

The production of terry, table linen and bed linen, as part of the Bergan range, helps ensure regular supply and stocks. Since Bergan’s products are always bespoke-made, the majority are manufactured to order in our workshops in northern France and sometimes in Europe. The production process is launched after all the product specifications, graphics and sizing requirements have been obtained, in accordance with the order.


Weaving, stitching and finishing for Hotels and Restaurants

Since its creation by a textile engineer, Bergan has always benefited from strong textile expertise and perfect mastery of the weaving process. To secure stable production, we have forged strong links with our production partners (weavers, finishers, etc.). This loyalty provides us with the necessary flexibility and responsiveness to satisfy our customers.

Our seamstresses bring great passion and know-how to bear in our stitching workshops: quality materials, hand cutting, meticulous finishing and customisation with embroideries, all orchestrated by an experienced team to shape fine materials into exceptional products.


Quality and control of textile products

Quality control at Bergan consists of determining whether products meet the specifications and requirements of our hospitality customers. Compliance decisions can be made during the various control phases: acceptance, rejection or retouching. Bergan strives to deliver quality products that meet the standards of the textile industry and market.

Bergan’s quality control interventions are based on frequency (systematically for bespoke products and by sampling for standard products), checking product characteristics and applying reference systems.


Bergan’s logistics and shipping

Bergan’s logistics department is in charge of the day-to-day management of supplies, stocks and shipments, in order to guarantee that orders are delivered in accordance with the timeframes to customers and are of the required quality. Sometimes, when working with challenging time constraints for hotel or restaurant openings for example, our service may offer partial shipments for pre-opening purposes.

We carry out rigorous day-to-day monitoring of deliveries to ensure products are delivered smoothly to our customers through the use of reporting and tracking tools in connection with our transport providers.


Marketing for hospitality customers

The marketing, communications and internet department works with our sales department on a day-to-day basis for the provision of tools, media and customer services.

Examples of tasks handled by members of this team include managing sales support materials (samples, books, bundles, catalogues), marketing campaigns and newsletters, organising trade shows, managing the website, partnerships, coordinating social networks and press relations…



He is in charge of Bergan's commercial activities and manages key customer accounts. Prior to this, he worked for a linen company within the hospitality industry, meaning that he has over 10 years of experience and a very strong knowledge of textiles. He's also a great sportsman and currently preparing for the Lille-Hardelot bike ride in June 2019.


Sales Director - Partner

She deals with marketing, the web and hospitality projects in Paris. Prior to this, she worked in marketing departments, allowing her to master all facets of the profession. She loves beautiful luxury hotels, art deco architecture, tennis and Paris!


Marketing Director

He manages the company he took over in 2010, developing it with ardour and passion. Prior to this, he worked as a sales manager for a French weaver, fabric vendors and a tablecloth manufacturer in the North. A wine connoisseur and lover of fine dining, Dominique embraces the art of receiving guests with no holds barred.