Every day, for every project and every customer, Bergan commits to and draws inspiration from the following values:


Bergan now has several long-standing customers with whom it has forged a relationship of trust over nearly 25 years.
This reciprocal trust guarantees complete peace of mind for all projects you entrust to us.
Our desire is to support you in the long-term, meeting your most specific requirements, providing quality services and products and remaining on hand to listen to all your requests, whatever your project.


Being ourselves whatever the situation; being humble and transparent. We give everyone the opportunity to express themselves, while always remaining respectful of others and our customers, with an honest, polite and constructive attitude.

Our work at Bergan draws upon everybody’s initiative, commitment and motivation, all brought to bear to serve our customers. Everyone strives for continuous improvement.


Our corporate culture is based on exceptional know-how and a high level of service, involving everyone and contributing to the satisfaction of our customers. 

The quality of our service is not only based on proven textile know-how and methods, but also on everyone’s initiatives and respecting individual commitments. Every individual’s role is crucial, whether they are in direct contact with customers or working in the workshops or offices – we all contribute to ensuring that projects are completed successfully. 

Human Resources

Bergan is aware of the need to earn the trust of its employees and is committed to contributing to their progress, development and training. Every individual’s responsibility and diligence affects our performance levels and allows us to achieve results that have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

We are thus voluntarily pursuing a strategy of long-term relationships, resulting in ongoing satisfaction for our customers.


Individualised service

Bergan is convinced that the process of customising a product or service begins even before production is launched. It takes place right from the initial exchanges, through an understanding of your individual hotel project, its positioning and standing. Bergan identifies your needs and expectations in terms of the services and customer experience sought. This makes it possible for us to adapt our offering to specific requests by proposing a range of products and services, or to organise a special production run, guaranteeing an INDIVIDUALISED SERVICE.

Do you have a hotel renovation or building project? Or are you looking for specific textile products?

Bergan is your textile partner for upscale and luxury hospitality.

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