Bergan’s massage linen comprises a range of spa sheets, massage towels, headrests, neck support covers, etc. developed especially for all kinds of massage or treatment tables. Standard dimensions from 70 x 200 to 160 x 220 and other sizes on request.

Are you looking for rectangular or cover-shaped terrycloth in the colours of your choice, with piping or embroidery… Anything’s possible when it’s made to measure!


100% Cotton massage towel - Coloured

Large towel for massage table coloured - 100% cotton  - 100 x 150cm


100% Cotton fitted sheet for massage table  - White, Black or other Colour

Microfibre spa sheet - Especially for massage table

Large massage table sheet - 100 x 200cm - Coloured

Stretchproof 100% cotton towel for Spa table headrest - Stretchproof fabric avoids snagging