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Elegance, simplicity and well-matched materials, shapes and colours characterise our table linen with its refined, meticulously-worked finishes. Embrace pure Egyptian cotton, linen or linen blends for tablecloths, napkins, place mats and table runners in a wide choice of colours and materials.

Follow in the footsteps of top chefs, choosing Bergan linen for its range of solutions and ability to meet your service and care requirements.

Choose your napkins, with or without an interwoven inscription, from our range of fabrics in stock, or have your linen woven specifically for you.

We enhance your restaurant’s brand image by offering you the opportunity to purchase quality, custom-made linen. Customise and choose the size of your restaurant napkin, the design, add embroidery or finish.

We deliver all our articles taking into account the shrinkage of the fabrics. Therefore, we guarantee that your table linen will look as good as you want it to after washing.

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Bergan offers a wide range of tablecloths made from materials and textiles perfectly suited to your restaurant and care constraints. White sateen-banded cotton tablecloths for restaurants or brasseries, 100% Egyptian cotton sateen, 100% Linen or cotton/linen blend tablecloths for Michelin-starred restaurants, patterned tablecloths for a bistro spirit or easy-care cotton/polyester tablecloths…

All our tablecloths are made to measure, and we can produce special colours and weavings for all your Restaurant tablecloths. Bergan controls the entire production chain, enabling us to produce long-lasting Restaurant linen that has won over many customers since we started out!

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Opt for placemats to vary your table décor, both indoors and on your terrace!

Easy-care synthetic placemats – Highly resistant polyvinyl, polyester or PVC placemats or table runners. Canvas, braided or linen-weave effects… and a large choice of colours.

Also discover our cotton or polycotton placemats and table runners to match our napkins. Any size and finish is possible (satin stitch, embroidery, etc.). Ask us for advice!

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Restaurant table protectors also contribute to creating attractive looking and feeling tables for your diners. The soft materials act as a noise dampener, as well as bringing out the beauty of your tablecloths. In addition, they allow for easy ironing when setting up your tablecloths.

Our cotton or waterproof (coated) cotton table protectors are always bespoke made, fully adjusting to your tables.

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Our range of kitchen linen, designed for professional use, is made up of high-quality items. All Bergan restaurant aprons are 100% French made: plain woven cotton or twill, produced, dyed, finished and, finally, cut and stitched in our workshops in the North of France. A testimony to French textile know-how, guaranteeing a quality product!

Embroidered aprons are making a big comeback! Customise your staff aprons and offer your guests the opportunity to purchase their own as a souvenir of your restaurant!

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