Our range of kitchen linen, designed for professional use, is made up of high-quality items. All Bergan restaurant aprons are 100% French made: plain woven cotton or twill, produced, dyed, finished and, finally, cut and stitched in our workshops in the North of France. A testimony to French textile know-how, guaranteeing a quality product!

Embroidered aprons are making a big comeback! Customise your staff aprons and offer your guests the opportunity to purchase their own as a souvenir of your restaurant!

This classic white cloth is an essential item for sommeliers at gourmet or Michelin-starred restaurants!

Our cloths, made from very high quality 100% cotton, will add prestige to your restaurant wine service and are guaranteed long-lasting.

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We offer professional Chef’s and dishwashing aprons, usually made from cotton or cotton blends, but also polyester-mix fabrics for greater resistance.

We mostly produce aprons in white or hydron blue, but also offer them in black, grey, beige, khaki, red, chocolate… particularly to suit your front of house staff. There are…

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Like aprons, professional tea towels are also a restaurant kitchen essential. Bergan offers high-quality, 100% cotton aprons made in France, designed to be hard-wearing and resistant to intensive washing.

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What does office linen?

Office linen is the linen intended for chefs or sommeliers. Aprons, service cloths or tea towels will allow you to ensure a quality service in the restaurant and in the kitchen.

What is the purpose of a waither's cloth?

The waither's cloth is a textile piece, the size of a tea towel, but in a beautiful cotton quality. An essential for the sommelier in the restaurant, whether it is a gastronomic or a Michelin star restaurant!

What is the difference between a diving apron and a chef's apron?

The dishwashing apron is an apron with a bib and is tied around the neck, whereas the chef's apron is tied around the waist. It is the latter that is most often used in the kitchen by chefs in restaurants and even Michelin-starred chefs. Look at the photos of chefs like Hélène Darroze, Philippe Etchebest, Jean-François Piège and Michel Sarran, all wearing a chef's apron like the ones Bergan makes.

Where can I find custom-made chef's aprons?

Commercial aprons are available in standard sizes, made of light and not very resistant fabric.

For chefs and professional cooks, they need aprons made of beautiful materials, heavy enough to withstand washing and utensils. For example, Bergan has developed an apron specifically for Chef Philippe Etchebest, an apron made of cotton with superior strength for regular use in the kitchen. The adjustable drawstring allows the apron to be adjusted to all body shapes.