Choose your napkins, with or without an interwoven inscription, from our range of fabrics in stock, or have your linen woven specifically for you.

We enhance your restaurant’s brand image by offering you the opportunity to purchase quality, custom-made linen. Customise and choose the size of your restaurant napkin, the design, add embroidery or finish.

We deliver all our articles taking into account the shrinkage of the fabrics. Therefore, we guarantee that your table linen will look as good as you want it to after washing.

Choose 100% cotton napkins for easy care, excellent comfort and washing at 90°C.

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Plied, bleached and mercerised Egyptian cotton offers table linen of unique quality, resistant to washing at high temperature, with an incomparable feel.

BERGAN can manufacture bespoke napkins to match our DIAMANT, ROYALE, SAPHIR, COTE DE CHEVAL, SANCERRE and MONTBAZILLAC tablecloths.

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Linen is making a restaurant table comeback! Create a beautiful, comfortable table setting for your diners by opting for linen or linen-blend napkins.

Bergan’s linen or linen-blend napkins are a perfect match for your damast or plain linen tablecloths. Your guests will appreciate the soft, supple feel of this material.

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Vary the textures and colours of your napkins, designed to match our polycotton tablecloths – some come in over 25 different colours!

Easy-care Polycotton can be washed in industrial or internal laundries, making it well suited to the needs of restauranteurs.

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The linen developed and manufactured by Bergan for almost 30 years is a quality linen exclusively intended for high-end hotels and restaurants, and luxury hotels.

What are the dimensions of restaurant napkins?

In the catering industry there are different sizes of napkins, the most common being 45 x 45 cm and 50 x 50 cm. The different sizes can be :

  • 45 x 45 cm
  • 50 x 50 cm
  • 55 x 55 cm
  • 60 x 60 cm

But other sizes are possible, especially with tailor-made products.
At Bergan, the napkins are made to measure and can therefore be personalised to fit the size or shape of your tables. If you would like a special size, select "special size" in the drop-down menu of your selected napkin and indicate your dimensions in the remark field when validating the quote.

What material to choose for restaurant napkins?

The most common material used for table linen in restaurants is cotton. Cotton provides excellent comfort and is easy to care for (high temperature, calendering). For the customer, cotton is the softest material with a pleasant and effective wiping action. For economic reasons and ease of ironing, cotton/polyester blends are a good alternative. In Michelin-starred and gourmet restaurants, very fine 100% cotton is the rule, or even mixed (cotton and linen), 100% linen for the very high end and palaces. Bergan napkins are available in cotton, Egyptian cotton, linen/mesh/polyester and polycotton.

What colours to choose for napkins?

In restaurants, the colours of napkins are usually white for practical reasons and ease of cleaning. But the trend is towards colours to meet the wishes of decorators or restaurant chefs to match the decor of the premises. Bergan has made every effort to offer several napkin colours, including grey, ivory, beige or sky blue or dark colours such as brown, chocolate, taupe, or bright colours such as red, orange or yellow.

How to personalise napkins?

To personalise your napkins, several finishes are possible: the nature of the hem (simple or corner cap), the application of an embroidery (either of your logo or the name of your restaurant) and more elaborate finishes such as ladder day, double ladder day, and coloured drone. The higher the standard of your restaurant, the more attractive the finishes and materials are for your napkins. Refined napkins are a guarantee of prestige for your starred or gastronomic table. And for personalised napkins, careful folding will highlight the embroidery or weaving.

What is the difference in the range of my napkins? (bistro, privilege, premium)

The choice of napkins will depend on the concept or decoration of your restaurant: regional, industrial design, classic, mountain. For a bistro spirit, you can choose napkins made of raw materials (raw linen, gingham checks, etc.), which you may or may not associate with your restaurant's logo. For a classic or elegant decoration, your choice will be for noble materials (linen or cotton Egypt) with refined finishes (bourdon, embroidery, Venice day, etc.). Bergan offers 3 levels of napkins: Bistro, Privilege, Premium, depending on your style, consult us for more advice.