Bergan offers a wide range of tablecloths made from materials and textiles perfectly suited to your restaurant and care constraints. White sateen-banded cotton tablecloths for restaurants or brasseries, 100% Egyptian cotton sateen, 100% Linen or cotton/linen blend tablecloths for Michelin-starred restaurants, patterned tablecloths for a bistro spirit or easy-care cotton/polyester tablecloths…

All our tablecloths are made to measure, and we can produce special colours and weavings for all your Restaurant tablecloths. Bergan controls the entire production chain, enabling us to produce long-lasting Restaurant linen that has won over many customers since we started out!

Take advantage of our wide selection of quality tablecloths made from 100% cotton, plain-woven sateen, sateen jacquard weave or sateen-banded cotton in different colours: white, ivory, beige or rope.

Bergan’s cotton restaurant tablecloths are presented in standard sizes on our website, but all sizes are possible: “We custom-make all sizes of…

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Combed Egyptian cotton is the material par excellence for fine tablecloths suited to Michelin-starred and gourmet restaurants.

Produced in plain sateen, with a motif or jacquard weave, Bergan’s 100% Egyptian cotton tablecloths will help you create an exceptional dining experience of unparalleled comfort and quality.

We can also specifically weave restaurant table…

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Opt for linen or linen-blend tablecloths for a chic, refined dining experience. Our cotton/linen blends produce tablecloths that fall particularly elegantly over the table.

Bergan’s linen or linen-blend tablecloths offer flexibility and incomparable quality. Linen will give your tables an authentic, natural look.

For even more refined finishes, opt for mitred corners,…

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Polycotton tablecloths come in a wide range of textures: plain woven, matt, sateen, jacquard weave or damast, as well as a large choice of colours – over 25 in some cases!

Easy-care Polycotton tablecloths can be washed in industrial or internal laundries, making them well suited to the needs of restauranteurs.

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Polyester tablecloths come in a wide range of textures: plain, structured, silken or damasted, as well as a large choice of colours to match your restaurant décor.

Easy-care Polyester tablecloths can be washed in industrial or internal laundries, making them well suited to the needs of restauranteurs.

They are crease-resistant, with some…

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The linen developed and manufactured by Bergan for almost 30 years is a quality linen exclusively intended for high-end hotels and restaurants, and luxury hotels.

What material should I choose for my restaurant tablecloths?

For restaurant tablecloths, the most common material used is cotton. Cotton provides excellent visual and tactile comfort and is easy to maintain (high temperature, calendering). However, depending on the level of the range and the desired effect, other materials are used: Egyptian cotton, linen, cotton/polyester blends or polyester. For economic reasons and ease of ironing, cotton/polyester blends are a good alternative. In Michelin-starred and gourmet restaurants, very fine 100% cotton is de rigueur, or even blends (cotton and linen), 100% linen for the very high end and palaces. The half-linen, 50% linen 50% cotton, is very resistant, heavy and thick, the half-linen offers an unequalled fall in a warm and authentic atmosphere.

What size should I choose for my tablecloths?

The size of the tablecloth depends on the length of the table: 25, 30, 40 or 50 cm. You must therefore add the height of the extensions to the width and length of your tables. (Example: For a table 80 cm wide and 140 cm long, with an extension of 30 cm, choose a tablecloth approximately 140 cm wide and 200 cm long). But at Bergan, we can advise you on the spillover to suit your table, your guests and your style. In addition, all our tablecloths are made to measure, adaptable to any type and size of table (square, round, rectangle and even oval) and take into account the shrinkage caused by the first wash, which is between 4 and 6%.

Which tablecloth to choose for terrace tables?

Depending on the destination of the tables and the region: on a terrace, by the sea, in the mountains or in a big city, the colour and material will play a role in the choice of tablecloths for the terrace. Ask your Bergan sales manager in your region for advice on the best material/colour combination for your restaurant tablecloths. Outdoor tablecloths, which are often exposed to the sun, must be adapted so that they are not discoloured by the sun.

Which tablecloth to choose for a round table in a gastronomic restaurant?

Round tables, which are often used in gourmet restaurants and Michelin-starred tables, are often covered with round tablecloths. Round tablecloths that almost touch the floor are called under-tablecloths because they can be covered with square tablecloths (coloured or not), sometimes with beautiful finishing touches (bourdon, hem, corner cap...). To find out the size of round tablecloths, add to the diameter the length of the legs on either side of the table.

Which range should I choose for my tablecloths? (bistro, privilege, premium)

The choice of range depends on the level of prestige of the restaurant. The more prestigious the restaurant, the higher the quality of materials, finishes and customisation.

It all depends on the concept or decoration of your restaurant: regional, industrial design, classic, mountain. For a bistro spirit, you can choose tablecloths in raw material (raw linen, gingham tiles, etc.), which you can associate with your restaurant's logo. For a classic or elegant decoration, your choice will be for noble materials (linen or cotton Egypt) with refined finishes (bourdon, hemstitch, venice day, etc.). Bergan offers you 3 levels of range for your table linen: Bistro, Privilège, Premium, consult us for more advice.