Elegance, refinement, a sense of beauty, attention to detail and quality hospitality characterise French excellence and art de vivre. Bergan will support you in designing and producing products that respond to this taste for excellence. The company, based in Hauts de France, works to design, develop and manufacture bespoke linen in its own workshops of professional seamstresses: An exceptional service is guaranteed by this France-focused production process designed for the most demanding luxury establishments.


For 25 years, Bergan has proudly continued this textile tradition of the North of France. The brand draws inspiration from aesthetics, the luxury of beautiful materials and the quest for optimal comfort. The refinement and elegance of its linen are the fruit of precise, rigorous workmanship and attention to detail in the choice of products and finishes.
Bergan’s linen is bespoke-made, and every creation is unique. The hand-worked cuts and stitching testify to the level of fine-tuning, along with the brand’s finest creations in materials with an incomparable feel.
By continuing this textile know-how, Bergan can thus offer all its customers quality textiles “Made in France”: a question of know-how, quality and high-end services.


Customers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the origin of products. For some years now, thanks to the development of fair trade and organic products, they have shown more concern for social and environmental indicators in their purchasing behaviour. Faced with this movement, many hotel groups have signed ethical charters and become more eco-responsible in applying their CSR strategies.

Bergan, a French textile company dedicated to the luxury sector, can make a significant contribution to the proper application of CSR policies within the hospitality industry, provided that it is able to maintain its know-how and production “Made in France” under optimal conditions, overcoming economic constraints.

In this vein, Bergan has embarked on a CSR approach by participating in the “BIOM Attitude” programme, aimed at measuring and valuing our contribution to the local area. A social and accounts auditing phase, led by the independent agency BIOM Attitude (*) in September 2018 allowed us to analyse Bergan’s good practices in terms of social, economic and environmental responsibility and be awarded our “% BIOM” indicator.

We are proud to announce that our economic performance, supporting employment and public services in France,  currently stands at 58% 

58% Bergan’s BIOM in a few figures:


58% = our effectiveness at supporting employment and quality of life in France

49% of our turnover is distributed locally

66% of our turnover is distributed in FRANCE

35% of our suppliers are local (regional)

74% of our suppliers are in FRANCE

and 100% of our jobs are within the regional territory in FRANCE.


(*) BIOM work, a ratings agency in western France (44) specialising in sustainable development.